mary-anne mckenna

Mary-Anne McKenna

Coming from a typical big Irish family, I spent countless hours as a kid hanging out in the kitchen with everyone waxing poetic on topics ranging from poetry to world politics. Politics, of course,  being the biggie.  And nobody in the house was exempt from learning about current events in the political realm. 


I’m sure I was the only 10-year-old little girl who knew what communism was back then.  So it was no surprise to my family when I entered a race for State Representative. Alas, having run as a Republican in Massachusetts you can guess the outcome. I did, however, go on to win a local race for School Committee and held that office for 3 years.

Campaigning for State Rep with my brothers in the 4th of July parade  

Campaigning for State Rep with my brothers in the 4th of July parade


I have since become enmeshed in the world of politics and as a mother, understand the need to closely monitor the votes being cast by our elected officials locally as well as in Washington.  This blog is about the decisions being made, policies enacted, and their impact on our lives and those of our children. Foreign policy, parenting, and lifestyle issues will not escape my scrutiny either.

People still gather around my kitchen to discuss the latest current events and political party candidates, but instead of a pot of tea with soda bread we have skinny girl margaritas and low-carb shrimp cocktail. What has endured through these kitchen discussions over the years, though, is a mutual desire to keep our country and families safe, as well as morally strong and close to God. I hope that never changes.

Mary-Anne, John, Matthew, Jimmy, and Lisa McKenna

Mary-Anne, John, Matthew, Jimmy, and Lisa McKenna

Hi, I'm Mary-Anne McKenna, self-described expert on all things conservative! As a former elected official and state champion orator (top female public speaker in Massachusetts), I welcome all opportunities to present a conservative viewpoint on television, or for focus groups, or to provide commentary at political events. I am no stranger to cameras and crowds, and can play them both well.

If you are looking for a conservative woman’s stance on political topics, I can expound on anything from the Syrian refugee crisis and ISIS, to our new President's Cabinet picks, to whether or not the Women's March in Washington, DC helped or hurt women's causes, and everything in-between! Just ask my daughter Maeve, pictured above with her dog Charlie. My influence on her politically has led her to Capitol Hill where she now works as Digital Director for the U.S. House Budget Committee. I can also present a right-leaning frame of reference on child-rearing and lifestyle issues, such as whether Common Core is in our kids’ best interest and how best to explain transgendered bathrooms to our children.

I am a woman of strong faith, with God as my greatest inspiration. However, I can easily converse with those of different religious backgrounds and opposing political outlooks in a way that is diplomatic, yet firm and sincere. I am a fierce protector of our country and veterans, and hope to play a small but pivotal role in educating the American People through TV and social media about the need to transform America, starting with this new administration. I stand proudly with President Trump and will not back down.


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Mary-Anne McKenna


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Immigration – It ain’t what it used to be!

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” This is the inscription seen on the Statue of Liberty by millions of our ancestors as they came ashore in the 18th and 19th centuries in New York Harbor. We all know what this great country has done for them and future generations. They were given the chance to start a new life free from poverty and political oppression, yet filled with optimism and opportunity. Why then, many are asking, can we not allow all “dreamers” to enter this country if our own ancestors were permitted entry?

A large part of our immigration problem today lies with our federal government. Easy and direct access to government handouts, free education, healthcare, food, housing, etc, has opened the flood gates for those who have little in their homelands. This is quite different from the early immigrants to this country who endured soup lines, were desperate to find work, and eager to earn a living to support themselves and their families, with a strong sense of pride in their accomplishments. Receiving financial help from the government was merely viewed as a temporary fix, even somewhat shameful, and certainly not something they hoped would continue indefinitely. They wanted jobs in order to hold their heads up high and be productive members of our society.

Today, because of our President’s immigration policies, Illegals are crossing our border en masse with expectations that this country will not only take care of all their needs, but will make it easy for them to get paid for doing nothing. They know our government will continue to dole out funds to them indefinitely, too. All they are expected to do in return is this: vote. And who they will vote for? A liberal President of course, one who will continue to give them money and free “stuff”. There is no honor and dignity in taking handouts. A positive self-identity and sense of confidence will not develop when one hangs out all day waiting for that monthly kiss in the mail from the government.

How on earth did this country lose its way? And how are we going to sustain this expense of supporting millions of illegals who are entering this country by breaking the law? Why should we?

Next topic: Voter ID laws

Mr. Trump: You’re Hired!

Let us put aside our pre-conceived notions for a moment about the man America loves to hate: Donald Trump. Yes, he’s got the ego, the funny hair, the game show, and his name plastered on numerous buildings across America.

Now he is running for President, the highest office in the land. Say what you will about him, but some things cannot be denied: the guy is tough, he’s smart, and he’s not afraid to make the hard decisions particularly when it comes to the Middle East. In fact, he would make a parking lot out of ISIL and Iranian nukes would be but a figment of our imagination. There is a plethora of qualified GOP candidates in the race and all are eminently qualified. But who better really, to turn our economy around and get millions of unemployed Americans back on the payroll? ‘nuff said on that.

But most importantly, he’s a true American Patriot who loves his country fiercely and will never apologize for it. Compared with the current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump would be a breath of fresh air. Ego and hair? Who cares! Vote for Trump. That guy’s going to surprise a few people.

Redefining marriage

Is anyone worried that marriage no longer holds any meaning? Are we really looking at marriage becoming whatever anyone wants it to be? Will multiple spouses become the norm, so long as they all “love each other”? What about animals? Could I marry my dog? Who’s to say no? After all, love is love, so they say, and nobody can control who loves whom.

Will this new definition of “marriage” as decided by our Supreme Court soon give new meaning to the term, “Kissin’ cousins”? Why can’t first cousins marry in every state, or siblings, even?

The decision handed down last week ruling that gay marriage is now law in all 50 states has opened up a pandora’s box that has yet to reveal its’ true contents. Strange groups advocating for marriage recognition of their deviant behavior will use this gay ruling as argument that their specific desire to love should not face discrimination.

Marriage has been recognized as a union between a man and a woman for time immemorial. All of a sudden, nine unelected judges can redefine that institution that has endured for centuries? It is a slippery slope indeed when a decision affecting the entire country is made based on emotion rather than true legal precedent. It saddens me that marriage as we have always known it no longer holds sacred status. Rather, it is a decision that can simply be handed down with a gavel. And no doubt, that decision can change with the wind to satisfy the latest in political correctness.

Let’s face it, God had decreed that holy matrimony is supposed to be between a loving man and woman for the perpetuation of the species. Don’t you find it a bit odd that two people can now marry who have the same plumbing?

A mother's struggle to explain ISIS

As the ultimate arbiters for the health and wellbeing of our children, we want to keep them safe within the cocoon of happy childhoods and pleasant memories. Of course, it is impossible to shield them entirely from the ravages of society, but how best to explain the depravity of Islamic extremism? No doubt as they point the TV remote they will catch a glimpse of a caged pilot being burned to death, or the 21 kneeling Christians as they await decapitation.

"Why don't we just stop the bad guys, Mom?" This question or ones similar is being asked of parents across America. How easy it would be to reassure our kids that as the most powerful country in the world, "We will stop them, honey. Just wait and see." But Most of us parents are now at a loss to explain why the U.S is sitting by after a few token air strikes and a small, brief infusion of funds and weapons to opposing rebels. It is clear that ISIS is quickly spreading their enmity of Judeo-Christian values further west, and closer to us. Unfortunately, our President refuses to recognize this threat and spews ridiculous rhetoric about helping to improve the lives and economy of young jihadists, so they won't be compelled to join the terrorists' ranks. As if jobs and summer internships will make a difference! And his insistence on referring to them as "armed insurgents" rather than the terrorists that they are, is dangerously naive.

This is not a group of people with whom we can negotiate. We cannot clasp hands across the miles with ISIS and present a friendly economic solution to ensure their retreat. ISIS hates all people who do not espouse their radical, extremist views on Islam. Therefore, anyone not adhering to their version of Allah should be murdered, plain and simple. That is the crux of the jihad.

Our mighty and dedicated military has long stood as a bulwark between the American people and the perils of war, and those determined to defeat the values our great nation holds dear. But with a President refusing to recognize this holy war, and refusing to present to Congress a cogent plan that will defeat ISIS swiftly and decisively, our men and women in uniform are helpless to defend us from this growing and pervasive threat.

As we continue to reassure our frightened children that they are safe despite what they see and hear on television, we silently ask ourselves, "What part of 'beheadings' does President Obama not understand?" We still live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. So Mr. President, for the sake of our children, prove it! Show bravery by declaring war on ISIS and allowing our military to do what they are trained to do: protect us. We mothers want to be able to confidently tell our kids, "We got rid of the bad guys. You don't have to worry about them anymore. Now go outside and play."