You Cannot Negotiate With "Crazy"


Both China and Russia are urging the U.S. to limit the sanctions on North Korea and attempt further negotiations, in spite of Kim Jong-Un’s repeated testing of ICBMs near our ally Japan, and neighboring territory Guam.  Kim Jong-Un’s assertions that his missiles can reach the U.S. is an indirect threat of potential nuclear war.

It is no secret that Kim covets the entire Korean peninsula and dreams of turning South Korea communist, against the wishes of those people. Occupying the land north of the 38th parallel is simply not enough for him. But the United States military has long maintained a stronghold on South Korea with its massive military presence there since the 1950s. Yes, it is the U.S. that is preventing Kim from invading the southern part of the Korean peninsula and he believes he can scare us away with a show of force via missile testing.

This begs the question: Kim knows that the military might of the United States would decimate his small country in a matter of minutes. Why then, does he feel free to tantalize us with the missile testing? In a word: Communism.

Both China and Russia share the communist governmental philosophy as North Korea and therefore, are willing to protect Kim and his regime against a counterattack by the U.S. Indeed, they would love to see South Korea fall to communism. If the United States attacks North Korea due to threats of nuclear war, we will face a Russian backlash, something we can ill afford.  So Kim continues his missiles testing and provocative threats to the U.S., knowing that Russia has his back.

This is a guy who had his ex-girlfriend and her fellow orchestra members shot to death by a firing squad, over accusations of pornography. Their families were forced to watch. This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as murders he has ordered against his own people. Yet we are supposed to “negotiate” with this sick mind? Someone as volatile as he needs to be dealt with swiftly and decisively, with Secretary Mattis at the helm. Nobody wants war, and certainly nobody wants to risk any more young American lives like we lost needlessly in the last Korean War.

But when it comes to Kim Jong-Un and his nuclear threats to the United States and our peace-loving allies, I say BRING IT ON!