Heads in the Sand

When people consider themselves well-informed on domestic and foreign affairs due to daily viewing of CNN, Entertainment News, and sports radio on their drive home from work, it is no wonder they think taking in refugees is the right thing to do. The majority of our media outlets today are far-left leaning and quite adept at hiding the truth.

America has always been a safe harbor for those fleeing oppression, and God willing will always be. However, there is a vast difference between true refugees seeking safety and the Muslim extremist invasion that is taking place today. Our liberal media has the masses convinced that the Trump Administration is heartless and selfish. They refuse to show the riots, murders, rapes, and destruction that is occurring all over Europe as a result of open borders. They will not show the massive crowds of young middle- eastern males trying to claim refugee status here and abroad because it would raise the question: “Where are all the women and children? Why were they left behind if the civil war in Syria is so bad?”

This is an invasion of Islamic extremists, not unlike the crusades of 1000 years ago between Christians and Muslims. These extremists fully intend to push their way of life through Sharia law onto Judeo-Christian nations and will stop at nothing to achieve this end. Their method is simple: fear and intimidation through rapes, riots, burning of property, and suicide bombs.

President Trump is well aware of this scourge that is attempting to demolish our way of life. For the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to shoot down his travel ban and overlook the true motivation of the vast majority of these military-aged men is not only naive, it is dangerous! Our President is trying mightily to keep this country safe but is being met with obstinacy and ridicule. And our liberal media is fueling the flames by not reporting the truth. Before we know it, it will be too late. Just look at Paris and London. Sadly, those beautiful cities are no more. America is next.