Trump And The Right To Peaceful Assembly

Trump And The Right To Peaceful Assembly

Those who are protesting Trump and all he represents have every right to do so. They can hold signs, chant, display slogans, etc, irrespective of the group who may be funding them. But they do not have the right to prohibit him and his supporters from holding a peaceful rally by disrupting with verbal interruptions and physical assaults.

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There are many important issues on the table in this upcoming election - immigration reform, the 18 trillion dollar national debt, defunding Planned Parenthood, taking care of our veterans, etc.

But if we are not SAFE as a nation, what else really matters? Who is the best candidate for President  to ensure that Islamic extremist terrorists, many of whom are already inside our borders, are not going to blow up our buildings and airplanes and target our police and military?

We spent a day at Trump Tower to challenge Donald Trump on this issue. Let's just say that after meeting with him, I am one step closer to putting my checkmark next to his name on election day.